Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Chandelier From Spare Parts

This chandelier was put together to save money and to create something truly unique.  If you read the post on my over-the-top central hall table, then you might be interested to know that this chandelier hangs over the top of the 'over-the-top' table.

 In the building of this great gold leaf wonder, we used parts of four different light fixtures, and that doesn't include the countless sources that I needed for the collected crystals with which it is adorned.  I started with a 'cage' style, 5 light 1930's art deco fixture in pot metal.  It had a rather Gothic look about it just perfect for the 'caslte' feel I was going for.  My husband rewired it, which is easy on this period fixture, as the wires are exposed.  Next I added a cherub from a small table lamp, wiring a ring from another lamp to the bottom of his foot. 

 To the right is the cherub, to the left the ring (it had three wires that came to a center washer type thing).

After combining the pieces I spray painted the resulting fixture red, to give a rosy glow to the gold leaf that I next applied.  You can see tiny bits of the red through the gold leaf which gives it an antiqued patina.

 The fourth lamp part I added was another decorative ring set on top of the cage to allow for another row of crystals and swagged crystal chain.  I did not drill holes, but rather hooked the crystals over existing ridges.

I added loops of crystal chains and lots of different crystals from those I had collected, and even some which I had had for sale at the shop.  As you can see all the crystals really added bling and made the chandelier the piece of 'jewelry' that it became as the crowing effect of my French Salon Style Parlor.

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  1. Very pretty, Sis!! That's *real* gold leaf, right? Whew!