Sunday, July 10, 2011

bABy sHoWeR pOweR or I hAve tHe bEsT siSters-In-LaW eVeR!!


So did I mention that I have the best Sisters-in-law EVER!!  I do!  Above are Nina, Jo Lynn and Shirley.  I didn't get a picture of Dianne, but she was also there.  These four wonderful ladies have been supporting me for YEARS!  I could not have chosen 4 more wonderful women to be my sisters if I had a million to choose from. I am just glad that my brothers had the wisdom to marry such wonderful and classy girls!!

We are gathered for the baby shower for my daughter Emily.  Her three sisters, Brittany, Darby and Becca planned the shower, while Becca hosted it at her charming house in Lehi, and made a wonderful luncheon spread, which I will get to later.

Here we see Becca, Emily and Emily's (also pregant) sister-in-law, Stephanie, as they play a fun traditional shower game .... or should I say, as they participate in a shower activity!!

These four girls are daughters of Jo Lynn.  They are Mary, Jill, Kim and Kristen.  All but Mary were born and adored by me before my marriage, and honestly, they feel a bit like daughters to me, I love them all!! (Their sister Brooke missed this one.)

Here are three of my girls, Darby, Becca (with Titan) and Nell, who is Trevor's wife! (and mother of 2/3s of my granddaughters!!)

Brittany drove down from Twin Falls, just to help with and attend the shower.  Isn't she a cute baby hog?  I keep telling her she just needs to have one more.  Her babies are adorable (she has Kai (8) and Alex (4)) She is shown with Titan on the left and Eleanor on the right!


Emily received many beautiful gifts for her baby girl who is as yet unnamed.  I chose to share these three gifts because they are hand made.  When she opened the sweet pink crocheted cap, we all gasped when Aunt Shirley admitted she had whipped it out that morning!!  Nell made the adorable baby shoes and headband, and Aunt Nina made the sweet and snug flannel quilt!!

Hugs given, games played, prizes won, chatting underway and gifts opened, which leaves just one thing to be done.  Enjoy the wonderful luncheon buffet that Becca had put together.  Everything was delicious, but I think I loved the display best of all .... well maybe, hmmm, those brownies were pretty amazing ....
Isn't this just the cutest Watermelon fruit bowl you have ever seen!!

And these were definitely the best brownies ever eaten, at least by me, and I have sampled more than a few in my time :-)


So as the shower wound down it was time to say good bye to friends and cousins and other loved ones. 

Darby even made a candy bar poster for each guest thanking them for coming.  I would like to add to that thank you and let everyone know how appreciated your kinship, friendship and support was for this event and all the many you have shared with us in the past.  I love you all!!
Thank You


  1. Thanks, Paula!! It's nice to see the pics you took!! You are one lucky grandma!
    Love ya,

  2. Dude- I totally have a double chin in these pictures. Nice.