Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Hit Should Be a Hit with Antique Dealers and with YOU ALL!!

My of my, what fun!!  Just got back from seeing The Hit at the Hale Center Theater in Orem.  What a blast.  This is only the second time that this play has been done.  The first time was in San Diego.  The play is set in an antique store, and two people, Elizabeth Dabczynski-Bean and Levi Larsen play several different customers each.  The customers are all right on, and I laughed and laughed.
The play's author Mike Buckley has, in his position as a show designer, had many opportunities to spend time in antique stores, and his expertise is evident.  The show is set today, with lots of pop culture references, which is very fun.  This particular production was extra fun for me, because I loved the two main women character's wardrobes, so kuddos to the wardrobe ladies at Hale as well!!

Here I am with Elizabeth and Levi in their 'old man and old woman' guise.  Their many characters alone are reason enough to see the show.  It runs until the end of the month, I especially recommend it to antique dealers!!

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  1. thank you for letting us see your amazing house! just beautiful!!