Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reinventing: Trash to Treasure - In My Bedroom

We all love trash to treasure projects.  I love them because it often makes it possible to use pieces that I love or one that has sentimental value for me.  This chest is similar to the one that I inherited from my mother's estate.  She used it for storing her most valuable papers.  I wanted to use it but it obviously needed some changes to fit into my house.  I added bun feet, fancy French handles, some wood appliques and paint.
This is what it looks like in my bedroom now.  A great addition visually and it adds storage space that I desperately need since I cannot seem to let go of back issues of favorite magazines.

This is another project.  I love diamond pane windows and fantasize about living in a restored 1930's cottage.  Alas, I live in an amazing Victorian treasure, but it is still possible to bring in the 'cottage' feel I love. To this end I purchased this leaded window and added an architectural element on top.  I then decided to add the vintage 30's bark cloth behind the window to hide the funky double inside corner behind the window and I enjoy the vintage fabric against the great cottagy green I chose to paint the room.

 This amazing 'reinvention' is a favorite of mine, though I must admit I did not create it.  I had admired it at my friend Marci's house, after she purchased it in an Idaho Antique store.  I adore Marci's taste and fortunately for me she has a fairly short decorating attention span.  She often offers to sell me items she knows I love.  So when she found a piece she liked better (though I can't personally imagine anything that amazing), she remembered my admiration and offered the birdhouse to me.  Lucky me!!

By the way, it is huge!!  The base is two feet wide and it is over four feet tall.  Its perfect in scale for my house with its ten foot ceilings.  I just thought you might enjoy seeing it.  When I do house tours it is always a favorite.


  1. Wow Paula! You have been a busy girl! I just LOVE what you did with that chest. Just beautiful...and that window! WOWIE! It is so gorgeous, and of course you know that I covet (yes, I do...I'm bad!) that lovely birdhouse that I have seen in your bedroom many times! You ARE the Queen! ~Stacy~ xoxo

  2. You are amazing, Paula! Voila ~ and it becomes beautiful!


  3. what a great redo! love the toy box as magazine/storage space. you'd never know its previous life!