Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rubbing Shoulders with the Talent at Bella's Vintage Market

 One of the best things about doing an antique or craft show is that you meet a lot of interesting and talented people.  I walked around the show and these four vendors, and one special customer, really caught my eye.  I'd like to share those experiences with you!

 This dealer was directly across from me at the show, and I couldn't seem to quit looking at these great headbands with lavish flower bows.

She also makes these wonderfully fru-fru purses.  They mix elegant, fancy, whimsical and rustic elements, such as the burlap handle on the last purse I have shown here.
The dealer's name is Claudia, and though she doesn't have a blog site, you can email her to check out when and where you can take a closer look at her fun items. sahori26@gmail.com 


This dealer hails from Idaho.  She had great decoupaged items, such as the lamp shade and cupboard above.  Her jewelry was also fun, and I have to give her kudos for her great 'bride' display!!  What an eye catcher. Cyndi has a site on etsy: machettebette.etsy.com, or you can contact her at cottage.antiques@yahoo.com

Red Hen Home by Korrie Bastian was one of the hottest booths in the show.  She sold the fun signs you see above, but she also had wonderful tables and stools decorated with 'French' looking signage.  Very cool, but by the time I stopped by her booth to take pics they were gone.  Whoa!  You can take a peek at her blog at http://redhenhome.blogspot.com/ 

 I found these reinvented clothing items to be just charming, and oh so affordable.  Each one is an original, including antique lace bits and vintage fabric additions.  The blue one has a crocheted table runner attached to the front, how cute is that?  The artist is Rhonda, and her business is called Viva Marie!  You can contact her at: vintage.viva.marie@gmail.com

 And the last of the vendors who caught my attention was 'Just Be' with her purses and skirts.  Such fun and whimsical stuff. 

 She is a well established vendor, and you have likely seen her work before.  I bought one of her purses once, probably at the Beehive Bazaar, and have loved it, but she was not around that day so it was fun to get to meet her too!

She was gracious enough to pose for this shot, holding one of the skirts I thought was adorable.

You can contact her at her website: www.justbeonline.com or at her blog http://justbefun.blogspot.com/

Now for my last customer of the day.  I am not altogether sure what he was looking for in particular.  I had put away a few things by the time he approached my booth, but as he was just browsing I saw no need to be inquisitive.

He did, however eventually find something he was very interested in, but not having hands to carry it away, he just walked away disappointed.  Poor guy, if he had just asked I would have told him we would have been happy to deliver it to his hen house if he liked.

Well as you can see Bella's Vintage Market was all kinds of fun on all kinds of levels.  Be sure to look for it next year, it should be bigger and better than ever!!


  1. Looks like it was great Paula...can you believe that I forgot all about it! But...I was pretty much crawling around in pain with my back so I probably wouldn't have been able to come anyway. Shoot! ~Stacy~

  2. Oh I love your last customer! It was great to meet you too! Very cute Blog! Fits you well!

  3. We had a lot of fun rubbing shoulders with you, too!! Thank you for the shout out!! You can follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/212426725933 And we will soon be consigning at Casa Bella in Trolley Square in Downtown Salt Lake City, UT!! Would love to do another show with you!!