Sunday, July 10, 2011

How Could I Forget to blog about Utah's First Year of Legal Aerial Home Fireworks?

Oops?!?  When you do scrap booking and you realize you have missed an event you can sneak it in later and no one is any the wiser.  Not so much with blogging, so we will just be unchronological this week.

Well, not quite a week late, I have a great pic of Kim and her friend Shantell.  Kim had the option to go to her father's folks BBQ/fireworks, but choose her mother's (even though her mother didn't!)  because "Becca has such a cute house and there will be babies there!"  I love that, and yes we did have babies! Aren't they all patriotic?

 Here we see Aunt Darby playing with Eleanor. 

And J. Scott sporting his new longer locks ... he is growing his hair out so that he can play an extra as an Israelite in the meridian of time ... filming will be in August ... near Goshen .... (Utah!) 

So now it's time to watch those amazing fireworks.  It's the first year for both of these babies.  Don't you just wonder what goes on in a baby's head when they see their first fireworks?  Like "What the heck?  Why haven't we done this before!!??"

And of course the show is starring two of my pyro boys ... Davin, is the graceful one, and Trevor is the dignified one.  Pyro extraordinaire Ben was missing in action this year, and we are working on getting Spencer paid off so he can play with fire next year!!

So here is hoping that your Fourth of July celebrations were full of fun and memories!

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