Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Pretty Pretty Princess Turns Four!!

Being one of three generations of the Royal Perkins Family is just flat out fun and Amazing!!  Here I am with my son, the King of Quips with his adorable princess daughter Eva.  I, of course, am the Queen Mother.

Of course, as the queen mother it is important to have just the right gift for the occasion.  One would suppose that the royal tailors were to be called in and measurements made ... alas, it was more like, I found this fantastic princess gown and well made cape, both of which are 'show quality' at our last {flea.o.logy) sale for a mere $20.00 royal bucks!!   http://fleaology.blogspot.com/

 I managed to persuade 12 year old Princess Kimberly and her most excellent lady in waiting, Shantell, to come along for the fun of a birthday princess tea party at Eva's house.  (I must here mention that Shantell is very gracious to even consider being on hand, since Eva calls her 'Show n tell'.) Eva was beside herself with delight, because she got to use real food in her play dishes.

 The grown ups got to enjoy a tasty tea spread as well.  With heart shaped sandwiches and yummy pasta salad.  The queen is seen to the far left, and as you can see, Kim and her  lady in waiting moved to the adult table, where the seating was more their size.  Aunt Sarah and 'Aunt' Jill fill out the group.

And now for the moment we have all been waiting for ... OK the moment that The Queen Mother has been waiting for.  The gift is opened and held up for size .... Isn't it perfect?  Well we shall see later.

The candles are blown out in style and secret wishes are bound to come true.  So now it is time to try on the latest princess dress in her wardrobe.

It appears that the dress is a success, but alas, after taking off the cape for pics of the princess in THE dress, it is realized that the dress is 'scratchy'.  Oh No, and we all know how important comfort is to a princess!!
After all, look at the fine footwear that Princess Kim and her lady in waiting have used to adorn their dancing princess feet!! 

Thanks for coming along on with me to the princess tea of all princess tea parties.  AND don't forget to hug your own princesses!!


  1. The princess dress you bought is adorable

  2. What an adorable princess!...and of course you are the "Queen Mother"!!! (*_*)