Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Good Turn Daily +

So the new year begins, and one's thoughts turn to making resolutions and goals.  This year I had three things come together to add up to a few goals for my year.
 1. My son gave me this good deed journal for Christmas. (Anthropologie)
2. I read this article on 10 things that make for a peaceful home that I found on Pinterest.
3. I found the quote below, (Which I glued into the 'One Good Deed a Day" journal) which reminds me that it is by small means that great things are brought to pass.

After reading the article, I found that I already do several of them, but felt it is time to rededicate my self to others.  
The journal has lines to record an act of kindness done each day, but there is also plenty of room on each page to record other things.  I decided to add the other three suggestions that I liked from the article.

These, of course, are reworded to suit my personal lifestyle:

1. Spend time each day reading the scriptures, and record a personal incite.
2. Do something kind for someone else each day, and record it.
3. Make one phone call or visit to a family member each day to stay in touch, make a note of it in the journal. (This is a new one for me, but I thought it was a good one, and one I need!)
4. Record one thought of gratitude each day.
I think this format, having one journal to deal with, in just a few words each day, will make it possible for me to continue with this goals all year.  Of course, the journaler in me is compelled to keep it up, right?
BTW, if you are not going to read the article, I thought I would tell one of the things that I also liked a lot.  I plan to post it as a  reminder note to myself where I will see it often:

"If you can't get out of it, get into it."  The article says, for instance,  that if you have to do the dishes, then focus on the enjoyable aspects about the experience, the bubbles, the warm water ... play favorite music, dance around a bit while you are at it!!  I thought that was entirely Pollyanna-ish, so I wanted to add it.

A special thanks to Graphics Fairy for the border of the quote!

I hope you all have a wonderful year this year, and that your goals and resolutions will make a positive difference in your life!


  1. What a great post and I love that One Good Deed A Day book. I'm so glad to be your newest follower, you've got a great blog:)


  2. Good post Paula...I have that 10 steps to a peaceful home on my Pinterest board too and I read it I have to live it! LOL! xo

  3. Finally, someone who understands why I love doing dishes! lol! It's all about the bubbles and the warm water. My kids could never and still can't understand why. I try to do good deeds, but darn I still am not good at reading my scriptures daily. Been a New Years resolution for I don't know how many years. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

    1. Jann, you are such a ray of sunshine ... I am trying to learn to enjoy it. thanks :-)

  4. What great New Year Resolutions! I am impressed! I want to hear what you are learning along the way! You are so awesome!

    1. I We Can helps tremendously, as you may note. Thanks Sandy, love hearing from you! Right now I am reading Daughters in My Kingdom, amazing stuff!