Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Letters That Spell Love

Yep, its me, hanging more banners to celebrate the season of love!!

 As you know, I love German glass glitter, especially as it tarnishes.  At our last fleaology, my friend Steffi, shown to the right at a summer sale we did together, brought what she had left of the great 8 inch glittered letters she had once carried in her store, The Pink Door.  My friend Jennine and I picked through the remaining letters and spelled LOVE with an upside down F (short arm cut off) an O a V and a 3, turned backwards.  We thought we were pretty darn creative!!
(Note the eyelets on the bottom of the 'L', I had to insert new eyelets at the top.)

Then when I was checking out my friend Andrea's blog, I found that she had bought the same creative letters (Yes, she was also at flea.o.logy that day :-))  Now I can only assume that it was because great minds think alike! 
Now I just need to see what Jennine has done with 'love' letters.


  1. Beautiful first photo. Are those letters over a door? or what are they on? It's lovely.

    1. Thanks you, It is the spandral, or decorative open fretwork, above the double doorway between what was originally two parlors when the house was built, one of the parlors is now a dining room.

  2. Well, let me tell you, that IS pretty darn creative of you! I know I never would have thought of that. Both "LOVE" word uses look fab!

  3. So cute! Love them both. I am featuring you today on my 'Show a little Love' Challenge.