Monday, January 14, 2013

Love Letter in a Bottle

Oh Valentines, what is not to love about this amazing mid-winter holiday?   And since I am getting ready for my mid-winter flea market this weekend, what could be more right than a Valentine's craft?
These fun 'Love Letter in a Bottle' crafts are fun and romantic.  Each decorated bottle includes a romantically decorated bottle, each with a selection of the following:   Old lace, bits of jewelry, pipe cleaners, ribbon, sheet music, print from old books and/or lovely old graphics I have gathered from favorite blogs including Graphics Fairy.  There is also a sheet of faux parchment to write the letter on, and a page of snippets from love letters by famous individuals, to help the writer do so.
I made this one to the right a little more masculine, in case there is a woman out there who wants to tuck a love letter inside for her sweetheart.
They were very fun and romantic to make, and I think they will make lovely Valentine's Gifts ...  Of course anyone can decorate their own bottle, and I found the list of snippets on the web, so you can too!!  Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest craft. If you are local, be sure to stop by Olson's Garden Shoppe here in Payson  for our flea.o.logy vintage market sale to check out the other goodies I am bringing, as well as the goodies of 30 other dealers!!


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  2. Your bottles are so fabulous! Great job!! You really do, do some awesome art work! I followed you here from the GF web site. And now following your blog!
    Stay crafty!

  3. Oh how I wish I could be at your vintage sale - your bottles are fabulous!

  4. These little love letter bottles are so pretty and romantic!

  5. Super cute Paula! I'm going to try and make it down this weekend! xo

  6. Cute, cute! these are fabulous and I bet they will fly out of your booth. What are the hours for the sale? I would love to come. I have way too much Valentine decor, but still, sounds like the place to be!