Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Valentine Banner to Share

I am sure that you have heard the phrase, 'Mixing business with pleasure.'  Well this week I got to do something like that, I got to mix service with pleasure.
On Monday, I worked with my 'We Can' group.  We meet monthly and do something service oriented.  Carolyn, at the head of the table, comes up with projects each month.  This month we made Valentines to be taken to nursing homes and assisted living facilities in our town.  ( We made them this month, because next month we finally able to get a slot to make sack lunches for the homeless in neighboring Provo!)
Since I am in charge of delivering the Valentines to the care facilities, and since I don't need to take them for a month, I thought I would take a few of the ones I made, and attach them to a garland using the cute tiny clips shown to the left, and make another banner!!  How fun!
I thought this idea would work for a Valentine's party.  Make your friend's Valentines, hang them around the room as decor for the party, then at the end  hand each friend an envelope addressed to them, with a personal note or poem, ready to be glued on the back of their Valentine, and let them choose their own from your banners!
As always, I am indebted to Graphics Fairy for most of the art work I used.  Happy Valentine's Decorating!


  1. What a great group. I think that making Valentine's for the nursing home is just about the sweetest thing I have heard of. I love that and your banner!

  2. Gorgeous. What fun you ladies must have creating valentines.!!! Happy new year.

  3. What a great idea!! This year I am making more of Valentines than I have before as I missed Christmas and so every idea is greatfully received. Thanks. This may well appear in a future blog as I seek to use all sorts of things to decorate. Many thanks. Joan

  4. Love y'all crafting together. Love how the banner looks.

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  6. Pollyanna, what an awesome thing for you gals to do. The Valentines are so fun and they are going to love them at the nursing home. Graphics Fairy is the best! I think your idea for giving them away at a party would be so much fun. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup!

  7. Really cute! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!