Thursday, January 9, 2014

Antique Valentines at Treasures

I've had a lovely couple of days working on my booth at the antique mall in Springville where I work.  It may seem early for Valentines day, but people want to decorate a few weeks before the big day, and they are hunting and gathering now.  Do you know that over the last couple of weeks I have sold every single heart shaped aluminum mold that I had in stock?  

Oh and the boy in green above, is a three - d, 1930s Valentine .... I love the pun.

These are some of the fanciest Valentines I have for sale.

This cherub is the little guy that I put up on Instagram with the Reclaimologist group for their Instasale.  He didn't find a home then, so maybe  someone will come into the shop and fall in love. Stop by my Pollyannareinvents page on Instagram and follow me!

More 1930s Valentines.

And that's the whole Valentines display ...did you notice that the apothecary jar of pink and silver ornaments is being held over from Christmas?  I love this time of year, and will be getting around to some sweetheart designs at home as well.  Happy Valentines Decorating.

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