Sunday, January 26, 2014

One Word Focus 'Gracious"

Yep, another Gracious sign to remind me of my one word focus for the year ...  I decided to be  a little whimsical and use an old idiom that includes the word 'gracious'  This sign I made using an 

antique door header that I found at flea.o.logy with its original finish.  I loved the aged patina and wanted to preserve it, so I decided to use my Hazel and Ruby reverse stencils so the letters would be the  nice old wood color.

Here you see that I put down masking tape to help me align the letters.  These letters are great, they are sticky enough to withstand painting over, but can be peeled up, washed off and reused.

Next I took off the masking tape that kept the letters straight and then masked the top and bottom of the header so I could have more of the nice patina left.  The water in the jar is to drop the letters in after peeling them up while the paint is still wet. As soon as they were all in the jar, I left the header to dry while I washed off the letters and laid them out to dry.

This is where I hung the header, over the window so that I see it when I come into my room, great reminder, eh?

I am having so much fun and I am also learning a lot about peoples ideas on what t means to be gracious ... you will probably be hearing all about that in a future post.   Feel free to leave your ideas about what graciousness is in comments here, I would love it!

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