Friday, January 24, 2014

Valentines Rosette Banner

So, like many of you I saw the Valentines banner made from the hearts cards of a deck of cards ... and  having wanted to do an all rosette banner (without pennants) I decied to combine the project ...

I was pretty happy with how it turned out, and learned a lesson too ...

Don't used glitter glue ... fail ...  I couldn't find my red glitter when I was gathering goodies to make this lovely ... so I grabbed some glitter glue I had bought in a moment ofignorance, nope, never again.  I usually put down a bead of tacky glue, then add glitter... this suff not only took forever to dry it also looks pretty bad, as you can see.  Alas, I still like the banner and will use it.

Since we are now in the Valentines mood, I thought I would also share the booth of another dealer at the antiqe mall, which is all decorated with pink and red loveliness.

Love the vintage Valntines ... we seem to have a lot of them at Treasures Antiques this years, at least 5 dealers have them for sale ...

... and how cute are these valentines kits hung banner stye across the doors!?

I am definitely getting in the mood for the holiday of love, are you?

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  1. Maybe you could go back over the lettering with tacky glue and add some more glitter. I usually love glitter glue, but a couple of projects over Christmas didn't look as well as I'd hoped. Fun idea...which I may!