Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Steampunk Valentines Wreath!

 In the Facebook group I belong to, Reclaimologists and Other Craft Chics, we received a request to make a Steampunk ValentinesWreath ... I have always thought that the wire wreath frames looked sort of steampunkie when naked, so I set off to make one.

Of course I dived into my piles of cool metal stuff, and came up with a 'love plaque' that I quite liked.  Then I found some loose elements and wanted a bit of a charm bracelet look, and made up the top embellishment.

This is the result, though I must admit I thought it looked a little bare.  The customer thought so too, and asked that I fill it in with deco mesh ...  I had seen the stuff, but didn't know the name of it.

Shannon, our prime Reclaimologist,  told me where to buy it, and I checked out a couple of tutorials on line, and voila!  

It has since been tucked into a specially made box and is on its way to New Mexico ... Enjoy!


  1. I love the design elements you created to go on the wreath. I agree it was a bit bare...but I don't really like the deco mesh that the craft stores are selling. There has got to be a better way to go...but I admit that I don't know what that is. A wrap of old wide lace? Burlap with a stripe? I struggled with a couple of wreaths I made and I still don't know what would have worked better.

  2. I really liked it before the mesh...each to her own!

  3. Actually Shirley if I'd been doing it for my self I'd have left it bare or wrapped in burlap.

  4. You are right Teddee, but she was paying so she got the trump card. I actually thought it looked pretty good, just not what I'd have done for myself.