Tuesday, January 7, 2014

hhhmmm Anthropologie or Maison Boutique in SLC

I have been following Maison Boutique on Instagram for a while now ... I have to say I love the styling apparent in their photography there.
So today, while in Salt Lake to meet a friend for a late lunch I stopped by.  What a delight.  I loved the trinkets and adornments in this great old case displayed on moss!!

...and how cute are these girlie girls?

Her knack for display is wonderful, and of course I adore the exposed brick!

....all kinds of goodies, everywhere you turn .... and I just have to say, Anthropologie has nothing on these girls!

If you've yet to stop by, its at 13th South and 11th East ... and that means I even got to drive by the old shop that my dad and his brothers built, well, a long time ago ... its now the Nightmare on 13th, hows that for a legacy?

Such adorable pennants, don't you think?

.... and their candy wall is absolutely charming ... and oh so sweet ... did I mention they offer samples?  Yum!!

What a fun afternoon.  Let me know if you decide to drop by ... I can't wait to hear what you think.

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