Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Alert! Pumpkin Invasion on My Diningroom Mantel!

 In Keeping with my Black and White Halloween decor theme this year, I decided to take an idea that Emily had on http://www.52mantels.com/ . She had done a monogrammed pumpkin with polka dots, and I loved the polka dots, so... I used little round stickers and then spray painted the pumpkin.  There was some bleeding under the stickers, so I did some touch up.  The diamonds which I cut from clear strapping tape allowed for a LOT of bleeding and therefore needed a lot of touch up.  The stripes were the worst.  I resprayed the whole thing and then painted stripes.

Still I loved how they turned out.  All the pumpkins, but the solid black one started life as white pumpkins, the black one was actually green originally.   The center piece of the mantel is a mask that I bought in the 'children's room' of our local http://thebeehivebazaar.com/next-event/  last year and thought it was perfect for the holiday and the color scheme.  (I later found out it was made by the oldest daughter of my friend Jenn, whose blog you can check out on my side bar)
I was very happy with the bold statement this group of squash made by their gathering on my mantel and I am likely to invite a few of their descendants to happily occupy the same spot next year ....


  1. Paula, I love your mantle. The black and white pumpkins turned out fab. Bronwyn will be so happy to see the mask in the display. It looks great in the display.

  2. Hi Paula. This is Marci's friend Carole. She told me about your invitation, and sadly I won't be able to make it. We are having company fly in from Minnesota on Friday. I was in California all of last week, so just found out about your invite this morning. Your pumpkins look darling. Even tho, I don't make comments, I am a BIG follower. Carole...

  3. Black and White...my favorite 'colors' of all time!!!! Very beautiful :) I'm especially loving the mask-great focal point.