Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Less Than Famous Utah Color ... Why is that?

Scott and I were so amazed at the color on the mountains yesterday we decided to take a drive up Payson Canyon, part of the Nebo Loop drive which is famous for fall color this time of year. The day was overcast, so the light was perfect for appreciating the change of colors.
The Virginia Creeper on the North side of my house is turning too, just not a brilliantly as it does some years.

And these trees in my neighborhood were amazing too, so I thought I would add them as well.  
Here we are headed for the canyon, the mouth of which is just a couple of miles from our house.  The first glimpse of a colorful hill fills us with anticipation! Then, while I was out of the car for a minute, taking this picture my husband was busy fiddling with his Ipod... when I got back in the car he was playing the sound track to 'You've Got Mail', which made it a romantic ride as well.

Now we are into the canyon and are being astonished at the color.  I wish words could convey what these pictures cannot.  My husband, a man of few words, said "These colors don't even look possible!"  They are astonishing, and my pictures pay faint homage to that fact.  I wish you could all drive up my canyon.  Its is just delightful.

Thanks for coming along and seeing our 'not so famous' Utah color.  It was a great drive and time well spent.

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