Sunday, October 9, 2011

BYU Football and a Game Worth Blogging About

Well here we are again at the BYU game, but this time it's a lovely BYU game, not one to give you nightmares for weeks .... like ... well .... the Utah Game.  You may have noticed I didn't blog about that one,  hmmm.
This year my sons, shown here, Davin and Trevor each have a set of season tickets to the BYU games.  Good bonding times, I guess, this is my first year to have my own ticket, and  even then I am known to share.

Davin brought his cute wife Briahnna, shown with me to the left, while Trevor brought his son Scott.
 Davin and Bri even wore their lucky shoes.  They said when they wear them BYU always wins ... so I am wondering where the heck they (and their shoes) were for the stinkin' Utah game?
Here are the Scotts, J. Scott brought lots of warm stuff.  It was a cool night, but dry.  The game started late to fit ESPN schedule.  BYU lead the entire game, no worried wondering ... But it was nearly 11:00 P.M. when it finally ended.

You can see that Davin is stifling a yawn to the left, and J. Scott, all snug in layers of blankets finally zonked out on his Dad's knee.  Pretty adorable, eh?  Trevor's friend is to his right.

The comfortable game final was BYU 29 and San Jose State 16.  Both teams played well, and I loved spending time with my boys and Bri.  Now I can head to bed and have sweet dreams!!

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