Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wendy's House, an Amazing Historic House Tour!!

I have this amazing friend Wendy.  I met Wendy when she and my friend Michelle moved into a booth at the antique mall.  Have I ever mentioned that being in an antique mall is a great way to meet people who love antiques as much as you do? 

This is Wendy's house.  Wendy and I had been friends for just a few months when she and her husband Steve bought this great 1890's house is a town north of us named Lehi.  Her husband and some contractors they hired did an amazing job of making this 'diamond in the rough' really shine.

Wendy and I went to an antique store clearance sale last summer, and she found these amazing French doors and their two side panels.  Everything was half price and Wendy scooped them up.  She's been trying to figure out how to use them for almost a year.  Fortunately she has a very talented husband, and once she decided to make them into a screen, he was able to do the actual work.
I was utterly charmed by how they turned out.  The white paint and pastel palette of the glass itself inspired her to do a shabby chic - Cottage style parlor.

Here is a close up of the details on the glass.  Its no wonder she fell in love that hot and dusty summer day.

 Making the cottage palette work meant painting this sweet old cupboard, as well as a sideboard that she had had for years.  Neither piece was in good enough condition to veto such action.  The wood work in the room, however, is utterly amazing AND false grained, so it got to keep its original garb.  The combination makes the room wonderfully cottagy and comfy too.

I definitely can't leave, though, without showing you some other amazing aspects of her house.  Her kitchen is really a show stopper.  They had it built on at the time of their purchase, and it has the exposed brick that was once the back of the house as one wall.  Wendy chose to be authentic in use of cabinets, no built ins for her.  She used a collection of Hoosiers, a nice large pantry, and some great old store shelving to provide ample storage.  Above we see a charming long shelf, that in a way, I bequeathed to her.  It came into the antique mall, via another dealer, and I 'scooped' it up.  When Wendy came in and saw it she very nearly wept.  Now I am not that hard hearted and I knew that it would be perfect for her current project.  Every time I see it, and how well it fits in, I know I made the right choice.

The pictures to the left show a continuous shelf that runs along the south wall of her kitchen and accommodates several color based collections of great early 20th century kitchen antiques.

And here is the 'artist' herself.  Besides being a talented designer she is one of the most fun people I know to go junquing with, though she has pretty much retired in the acquisition area of antiques, much to my sorrow!!

And last of all, I have to show you her amazing stack of antique suitcases.  No one I know can ferret out a wonderful and charming old suitcase faster at an estate sale than Wendy.  They make great storage, and look fantastic too. 

Thanks Wendy for allowing me to share your great decorating talent. Maybe we can go junquing again some time ... please!!


  1. I love her house!!! The screens turned out great. She showed them to me a few months ago and I love the idea of them as a screen.

  2. Wendy, your home is lovely - I hope you will take us on a tour sometime soon, so we can see the whole thing! You talented ladies!