Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finding the Joy that Service Brings With We-Can!

Here we are at the Huntsman Cancer Center in Provo with bags of comfort pillows to donate to those receiving treatment. These pillows make it more comfortable for patients who have to lay in, sometimes, awkward positions to receive treatments. This is  the "We Can"s second time to make comfort pillows, though the first time since I joined them last December, with this delivery it means our We Can group has made over 80 pillows.

It was extra sweet since two of our members pictured above have received treatment at this center in the last year!! 
And here are are at lunch at Bullpepper's Barbecue on Payson's Main Street in the old Rowe's Bakery building.  Bullpepper's is a favorite of mine, and was thankfully central for us so we could meet one more member who had worked and was therefore able to meet us for lunch!!   If you want to know more about our group you can go to our blog at:  The blog about making these pillows, complete with pictures,  is dated April 10th.  (It takes a while to do the hand stitched closures) 

I can hardly wait to blog about the tree we are doing for the Primary Children's Hospital Festival of Trees.

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