Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cooking Up Another Batch of Reinvented Jewelry

I have been busy this week putting together some fun and sometimes funky jewelry

I buy lots and lots of vintage and broken jewelry at the antique store where I work, as well as in my travels buying other antiques.

Its always fun to sort it by color, age, style, metal and other elements.  Sometimes I will put together a medallion and it might take me several months until I find other pieces to complete it.

Just thought I would show you some of my most recent recreations.

The necklace on the right has a lovely antique crystal hanging from the bottom.  I paired it with an antique crystal earring, and got stuck for several months.  I was so tickled this week when I found a fun old chain with some crystals and metal filigree beads that, and then with the help of a filigree back plate I was able to complete the piece
The bracelet on the right is actually a collection of antique buttons.  I love how it turned out.  It has Victorian glass buttons, metal buttons, some cool Bakelite buttons from the forties, and even a millefleur glass button (Third from the left).  I am not altogether sure that this one will ever leave my private collection.

I hope you had fun seeing some of the unique creations I have had  fun putting together.  I find these classic to funky pieces very satisfying to recreate, and its Earth friendly as well, right?  I just tell my husband I am saving the world one bit of junk jewelry at a time.

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  1. Paula...LOVE all of your new creations! That large cross necklace is gorgeous! Are you selling them at Treasures? Hope so! (*_*)