Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Posers ... in Disguise!

So in looking at my pictures a few minutes ago, I realized that I had yet to immortalize this past Thanksgiving by tucking it into my blog's history book, a theme that, unfortunately, is not too unusual for this blogger.  It was definitely a Thanksgiving to remember...

My so Trevor, shown top right, and his wife Nell hosted the event this year.  They put two banquet tables together to make a table large enough to seat us all together.  This was helped by the fact that Brittany, Ashley, Emily and their loved ones had made other Thanksgiving feast plans.

The table was covered with butcher paper and there was great Thanksgiving art and quotes added to set the  mood.  As you can see above, a turkey cup was the collection point for all the things we are thankful for.  As Trevor read each notation we got to guess who had written it.  Some were pretty obvious others not so much. (Of course we always recognize Ben's because he is never ever serious about anything ....)

Then, as always when the Perkins get together, we found funky ways to entertains ourselves and others.  The theme this year seemed to be fun glasses and funky hair.  Here Becca is shown wearing the partially completed prototypes of her brother Spencer's 'Hatchet Eyewear' business.

Nell Sister Sarah came up from Arizona to join in the festivities, sporting adorable orange eyeglasses, which she was generous enough to share.  Eva, our 'flirty eyed' girl looks adorable don't you think?
Then again others don't need glasses to hide their true identity.  (Isn't it amazing that no one ever 'noticed' that Clark Kent looked just like Superman with glasses?) 
 This cute and hairy beast is my grandson Scott, he has been growing his hair out for almost a year so that he can be in a movie about the life and times of Jesus which is being filmed in nearby Goshen .... he is still waiting for his call to fame, and is fielding all kinds of questions about his long hair.
Of course even if you do have amazing hair like Scott, if your Aunt Sarah's glasses match your outfit, you better be taking a turn with them.

And naturally, if you are Spencer, already having a pair of glasses should not stop you from trying out Sarah's glasses as well.  This picture is how I always envisioned the term, 'four eyes' when I was a kid.
But then if even two pairs of glasses are not enough to hide your identity, you can always dye your 'newly sprouting' mustache a nice hot pink.  Lucky Uncle Spencer happened to mention that he planned to dye his mustache, since it is so blond no one is even noticing he is growing one.  Uncle Ben, meanwhile, freshly back from the Orem Turkey Trot with his Dad and brother Trevor, just happens to have a couple of colors of spay on hair color in his car. 

Eleanor and Eva got into the fun by having Uncle Ben spray a bit of hot pink into their hair as well.  Of course Eleanor can hardly believe what she sees under Uncle Spencer's nose and can't seem to drag her eyes away to look at the camera and say 'Cheese' for grandma.

Then again, Uncle Ben and Uncle Brady needed to get into the 'Best Ever Disguises for Thanksgiving' contest as well!

Okay, I know I need some traditional Thanksgiving shots too, so we can remember what we looked like this year.  This is my daughter Becca, with her husband Brady and their one year old son Titan.

 Above we see Davin, at the business of the day, with his wife Briahnna and their baby Elias, in the background.

And now for my one 'artistic' shot of Brady, Ben and Trevor as we chat prior to getting down to the eating business of Thanksgiving.  The food was assigned and prepared by everyone, though Nell took the lion's share on herself.  Everything was amazing.  Unfortunately Darby got there in time for dessert bring a beautiful pie, she just wasn't in time for pictures. Given the odd shots this Thanksgiving she may just consider that as one more thing to be thanksful for.
And if our 'picture perfect' day was not enough, we all went bowling afterwards and had a blast.  Thanks to Trevor and Nell  (above) for hosting a fabulous and fun family feast that will not soon be forgotten.

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