Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Smashing Smash Book by Eva

This post is about my granddaughter Eva's Smash Book.  She calls it her 'Fairy Book' and it is filled with all kinds of art, much of it about fairies.  The glittery Paste Board fairy on the cover was a gift from me.  My friend Jenn included lime green fairy that was similar in my birthday crown, and Eva told me she 'just loved it', I happened to have some pink ones, and oh what a happy girl.

So if you are like the 'me' of three months ago, you don't know what a smash book is.  I found a youtube video that explains it.  Some of my favorite phrases from the video are "A Smash Book is like a junk drawer." and "Just smash it all in." and "A smash book is messy and beautiful".  Normally a smash book is an adult project, but I definitely think that Eva's books qualify.  She made one for her Aunt Sarah, who is an art teacher and just as much a fan of our little artist as I am. She is making one for ME too!! :-)

This spread of pages is mainly stickers with some crayon embellishment, scrapbook paper and colored paper scraps. 
 In this spread there is a drawing that Eva's mom asked me to sketch of Eva, after I did one in the smash book Eva is making of me.  There is also a sticker and a mighty fine multimedia princess portrait.
In this spread is included more collage work, and crayon detailing.  The fairy on the left is a sticker that I gave to Eva.  She loves to look at my scrap booking stickers and is very particular about the ones she will allow me to gift her.

Here are more stickers and a snippet of a drawing that she did and then cut out and included.

 The left page is another collage, while the right hand page is another multimedia princess portrait, with painted details.

Here are a couple of fine abstract paintings by the artist, of course.

I sold Eva on these tiny envelopes from my scrap booking stash by telling her they were the just the right size for fairy letters.  You may note the painted rosette embellishment she added to the center one.

 I wanted to show you this page so you could see where she has signed her multimedia effort on the right hand side page.
This double size fishbowl art, is a project that I had her and her cousin Alex do at my house to entertain them and to use up the fish stickers I doubted I would ever find a use for.  I was so tickled when I saw that she had added it to her book.

And last of all is a couple of pages of stamping.  I loved it because it shows her chunky little artist hands.
And here's the artist herself, with one of four smash books that she has made or is making.  I love the project because it gives me a chance to be involved with her in something she LOVES.  (Besides the fact that I DO love the concept and the fact that I will have one to cherish soon!!)

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