Monday, December 5, 2011

Primary Children's Festival of Trees Favorites!

Visiting the Primary Children's Hospital's Festival of Trees is a tradition that most of our children grew up with.  We made and donated trees from 1991 until 2002, in 2003 we had a crazy busy December, and decided to 'take a year off'.  Well that year off turned into eight years off...

My son Trevor and his wife Nell love the festival of trees, and go as often as they can.  This year Nell flew to Arizona for a family event, and Trevor stopped at the festival on his way home from  dropping her off at the airport. Luckily Scott and I were also planning to see the festival that
night so it became a joint celebration.  I have some pictures of my favorite trees this year.  There are many that are amazing so choosing a few takes some discipline.  Enjoy the tour.

In this group the top left is a tree based on "A Christmas Story",  I loved the leg in the fishnet stocking sticking randomly out of the tree.  The tree topped is a boy licking a 'frozen' pole.

Bottom left is my 'Purple Loving' granddaughter in front of one of the purple trees we saw.  She had said to her dad in the car on the way, "I hope there is a purple Christmas tree!"

I love the color scheme of the tree top right (and the polka dots of course) and the one on the bottom right is a 'Hungry Hungry Catapillar' theme.
This tree was amazing, please note the pile of 'gifts' on the left hand side, including a basketball, with an Elf on top of the pile attaching an ornament to the tree.  So fun and funny!!

More fun trees, the one on the right is a U of U tree, my husband and I both graduated from the U.  I tried to get my grandson J. Scott to let me take his picture in front of it.  "NO WAY Grandma!"  He and his Dad are avid BYU fans ...

This is by far my favorite tree.  If you haven't picked up the details yet, it is an Alice in Wonderland tea party tree.

This closeup shows the Mad Hatter.  What an amazing tree.  As always there were lots and lots of fabulous trees. The experience can be almost overwhelming. After having done a tree again, I hope to get back into the rhythm and hope to enjoy many, many years of enjoying the magic of the festival of trees.

Thanks for coming along on the tour!! I will be doing a future post with pictures of the Gingerbread houses as well!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Paula! I didn't make it this year so I loved seeing your lovely pics! (*_*) xo