Monday, December 12, 2011

Primary Paper Chains That Touch Heaven!

This is the story of our Primary chain.  Primary is the children's organization in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to which I belong.  In January I was in the group of women who are in charge of the Primary for our congregation.  It was suggested that we start a

scripture chain, with each link representing the scripture reading of one child or Primary leader during one week.  Our goal was to make a chain that would reach from the Primary room to the office of our Bishop  (a lay clergyman) which is on the opposite corner of our large church building.
Here we see our two oldest Primary children, both 11, bringing out the chain to present it to the Bishopric (The bishop and his two counselors) to see if we would be able to reach down two long halls to make the connection.

Here we see Ryan, carrying the chain, he was hidden under a mound of chain in the picture above. Ryan actually turned 12 this past week, and this was his last week in Primary Sharing time, he now moves on to the youth organization.  We hope that the scripture reading he did to contribute to our chain will help him as he moves on to the greater things we all expect of him!
This is Sister Foerster, she is the new Primary President who took charge of our Primary in late October and who oversaw the completion of 'the' chain.

Bishop Zeeman leads off towards his office.

Next come children and teachers.  Above we see the first counselor in the Bishopric, Brother Ekins doing a quick fix to the chain. He is followed by the second counselor in the Bishopric, Brother Best and one of the Primary choristers.

 Next comes the other primary chorister and the pianist, followed by another couple of teachers.  The children take seats outside the bishop's office,including my grandson, Scott second to the left, who happened to be having a

 sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's! Then there's a group of Primary staff to the right. These ladies were great to help the kids fill out the slips each week and to put them under their doors during class time.

And more primary children to the left including my granddaugther Eva covered in chains and actually looking at the camera for once.
This is me and Shantell to my right, she was the secretary of our 'has been' presidency.  The other two members of our   Presidency missed all the fun because of a move to Florida for one, and a sick child for the other.
Now speaking of Heaven, doesn't Savannah look just like an angel?  The children all had fun doing their reading in the scriptures each week to make this chain possible.  The Bishop talked to the children about how reading about Jesus in the scriptures helps us to better know him and to celebrate his birth this time of year.

The project was fun though at times it was unwieldy, but we hope that the children will always remember what a wonderful thing the chain 'of many colors' represents, and that they will make studying the scriptures a life long pursuit.

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  1. Love this....we are taking pictures this week!!