Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Fine Day for Good Friends and Excellent Junking!!

We had figured out how to squeeze in a day of junking weeks ago. So on the appointed day, I stopped to pick up Jenn to deliver her to the estate sale where we were to meet Cathie.  Unfortunately Jenn was not ready, fortunately she had completed her Christmas decor.  Unfortunately I had left my camera in the car, fortunately .... well you saw this coming, right?

These two amazing pieces of authenticly shabby antique furniture have been dressed in their best holiday style
This wonderful collage wall is part of Jenn's normal decor, with the addition of the antique paperboard glitter wreath to the mirror on the right.
This adorable scalloped cupboard (Which she bought at flea.o.logy last summer) is filled with Jenn's collection of holiday kitsch.  I love the felt Merry Chrismas banner.  The whole display just makes me feel happy.

Another fun element of her basic decor is this zebra chair and French phrases pillow.

She clearly has a knack for display.

We started out at an estate sale in Holladay.  The house was this wonderful rambling English Tudor that will be torn down, as the neighborhood had become very upscale.  It made me sad because the house with its slanted ceiling, nooks and crannies, funny closet spaces and wandering floor plan was just charming.  It is pretty much my dream house.  I thought about taking pictures, but it would have been impossible to 'see' the charm, as it was set for the estate sale and probably because most of the 'vision' was actually the possibilities I could see in my head.

Next it was off to Layton to the General Store aka the 'Co-op Chicks'.  It is closing the end of the month, what a great loss.  The store was oh so 'Farm Chickish', and it was my first (and likely last) visit.

After that there was nothing to be done but to drag Cathie, our "In and Out Burger virgin", across that line.  I too had to finally concede, born and bred Utahn that I am, that their burger is not only good its a great value.

Next we were off to Farmington to go to one of our favorite stores, A Bed of Roses, but first we had to take care of some unfinished business.  Last time we were at aBoR Brenda told us about this amazing home bakery up the street, around the corner, and across from the cemetery.  Unfortunately they were closed that day.  But last Friday we were in luck!

Then it was a visit to the A Bed of Roses.  Brenda was not working but Sue was great.  She is so talented and is a frequent contributor to the Somerset Magazine group.

Jenn has been a long time fan and was thrilled to get to meet her.

All in all it was the best of all worlds .... junking .... great food ... the best company and two amazingly decorated stores. So ....


  1. OH PLEASE take me with you next time you go junking. What fun!!!! It always breaks my heart to think of these great old homes being torn down instead of saved. I almost get a panicky feeling wanting to have a house moved to my small, tiny, dinky property. I KNOW I can fit it in somewhere!!!!

  2. Oh surrrrrrrrrrrre...another junking trip without me...I swear Paula! LOL! Looks like you guys had FUN!!!! (*_*) xo