Saturday, December 22, 2012

An Altered Art Project for a Harry Potter Fan

I am the first to admit that I procrastinate ... in this case it lead to what I hope is a happy young man on Christmas.  Did you know that there is not much Harry Potter stuff out there anymore?  I wanted to add something HP just as a nod to my 10 year old grandson who likes the books, and is almost done reading the entire series.  Trips to several stores were fruitless, other than seeing HP Legos, which were a bit spendy for this project's bottom line.

Several people have told me, late this week, that I should have gotten on Amazon or at least Ebay ... well I didn't and since my grandson is now headed out of town with his family its ever lastingly too late.  Then ... duh duh ta duh ... I saw my witch, above, sitting by the stack of small old books and thought 'Those look like her spell books.', and an idea was born.  I decided to make my grandson a spell book with some Harry Potter references.  The finished book is shown to the left.

I included several references to Hogwarts, the train, the teachers, the uniform, and other elements from the books, without using official licensed images.

I am actually, as always, indebted to Graphics Fairy for most of the images.  The captions and 'stars' are compliments of my 'type style letter stamp set'.

I loved the thought of Snape as a dunce ... a reference my ten year old grandson is bound to miss.

I glued images, and recipes for potions on every set of pages, and they filled about half the small book.  I then used the pointing hand, a favorite GF image and a notation to indicate that the rest of the book is for him to fill with his own 'spells'.

I asked my daughter Emily (the one who lives in our basement apartment with her husband and baby) if she thought he would like it.  She said it would definitely be either a huge hit or a miss ...  Well, I guess gifting is always a gamble.  Cross your fingers for me, will you?


  1. Oh, I think it is fabulous! Better than anything you could have bought. I know what you mean about finding things in the stores. It's crazy how fast things come and go now days. Can't wait to hear how it goes with your grandson. Merry Christmas! Hope to catch you at the antique mall sometime!

  2. I'd love to receive that book and I'm considerably older than your grandson LOL. I hope he loves it. As something you've lovingly made by your own hands I think it will be more precious for him in future years than any shop brought item that may get discarded with ease when the HP craze fades away. It's not just a gift you give him, it's a memory of the love you share.

    J x