Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Jane Austen!

 Yesterday was Jane Austen's birthday ... what better reason to get together this time of year and to enjoy goodies like mincemeat pie, crumpets and clotted cream?  I can't think of a one.
Happy Birthday, Jane!
"We have now another girl, a present plaything for her sister Cassy and a future companion. She is to be Jenny...."
-- Letter from Rev. George Austen to Mrs. Walter, December 17, 1775

Above are shown our two Elizabeths.  To the right is Elizabeth and Aspen, who is our founder and regional President of JASNA ... She is a graduate student at the University of Utah, and enjoys teaching classes on classic literature, including the works of Austen.

Above is the whole group toasting  Jane for her birthday, a tradition of all JASNA groups. (Jane Austen Society of North America)
To the right is my friend Wendy, with the Elizabeths, who was willing to come along and join us for our afternoon tea, Thanks Wendy!
Next year we will all celebrate (I hope you will too) the 200th anniversary of the publishing of Pride and Prejudice!

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