Friday, December 14, 2012

Ginny T. Frog Gets What She Deserves!

When your friend has many frogs and calls herself (on special occasions) Ginny T. Frog ... one must assume a theme in gifting ... Now if Ginny T. Frog's friend is a reinventor, as is the case in this story, then her friend will definitely gather fun and funky frogs and create G.T.F. a memory to wear.

Ginny T. Frog's friend, is a collector of vintage jewelry, and nice quality glass beads ... art glass beads are her favorite as you can see to the left ...   After gathering together the frogs and the beads and necessary findings, Ginny's friend the reinventor made her this funky froggy charm bracelet.
 Hoppy Holidays Ginny T., I am just hopping that you have the courage to wear this bright and bold froggie menagerie!!


  1. If Ginny T. doesn't like it, she can send it to my address. I LOVE IT. That is the cutest thing ever!

  2. I love it too! The colors are gorgeous. Love the Christmas ornaments you made. Will be perfect in your cute house on that cute tree. Mimi