Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fabulous New Dealer at Treasures

Hey all, do you remember the pictures I lost in cyberspace last week?  Well, I have foiled the universe by taking more to replace them.  These pictures represent the latest new dealers at Treasures, the antique mall where I work and sell in Springville, Utah.

They sell reinvented objects, which are all, of course, one of a kind.  The bottle above is amazing, eh?  They also sell aged trims and other fun details for crafters.

Are these stands great?

And individual second hand finds like the box above and the clock to the right, become OOAK works of art!

These dealers are an aunt and nephew duo, Tonya and Brandon.  Talent clearly runs deep in this family.

I love all their goodies, and look forward to seeing new treasures as they come in .... We may even recruit them for our indoor flea.o.logy Flea Market on January 19th, here in Payson.
At any rate, stop by if you can, they are in the North building, and I don't think you will be disappointed!!


  1. I'll bet they are 2 Pitts of a Pear...right? I bought a halloween crow from them at Swiss Days. They are amazing and have started a blog, but haven't posted much yet. Which building are they in? I love their stuff!!

    1. My Shirley, what a good eye you have ... yes indeedie D, they are in the north building, and have two booths, be sure to have Rosemarie show you both. :-)

  2. What perfect timing--I just flew in to SLC this afternoon to spend time with family and this weekend I'll be down in Woodland Hills visiting my in-laws. Maybe I can find time on Saturday to sneak away to Treasures and check out this new booth!

    1. Great idea ... be sure to check out the rest of the mall too ... I have space in both malls. Enjoy!! -Paula