Monday, December 24, 2012

Reinvention Materials Packet

I was putting together the gifts for my son whose wife's family lives out of state ... and whose family was headed to her side for Christmas.  I needed one more gift for her, and since she is my crafty DIL, I put together a  reinvention materials packet for her.

 I used an old lacquered box and decoupaged the top with a paper I thought she would like.  It is shown at the top of the picture above.  I also used the same paper on a smaller, playing card size box that I filled with old floral pins.
Other items I added were, old bottle caps, buttons and game pieces in a tiny Altoids 'Smalls' box (just spray painted red), old dairy bottle tops and keys in glassine envelopes.  Bakers twine on old spools, washi tape, letter tiles from an old game, 3 factory machine bobbins and two small wood soldiers.

It was so fun to tuck them all in tightly, almost like doing a puzzle, and choosing bits that would fill a particular space.  Above it is shown before I add the envelopes of keys and dairy bottle caps.

If she likes it half as much as I liked putting it together it will be a hit!!  Just glad I have one family member who likes such goodies... and I am training up her 5 year old daughter to be an reinventer too.  


  1. Lucky ladies, for having each other! Thought I'd stop by all the blogs I enjoy following and wish a happy Yuletide! :O)

  2. That is a fantastic idea! I hope I remember this for next year - or even for a birthday. What fun for the recipient!

  3. I always left my Grandma Patta's house with a small box or bag of treasures...scraps of fabric, spools of thread, little favors from the Relief Society luncheon. I loved everything she shared with me. Isn't it the small things we do that show how much we care? Merry Christmas, sweet Paula! Your DIL will love it!

  4. How cool Paula! She is one lucky gal to have you as her MIL! xo