Tuesday, December 18, 2012

White Christmas Village

Ever since I have seen dollar store houses redone on various blogs, I have wanted some .... but as many of you noted, they sold fast.
 That's why I was so excited when I walked into my local store and found them restocked!!
Of course its a super easy craft, just spray paint, and add glue and glitter to the roof and arrange your mini village to your liking.
 Of course, as you  may have noted, I love putting things under glass.
 The sweet little fence was in my stock, found at a yard sale years ago, but it wouldn't be hard to make.  One would just cut points on craft sticks and then twist the wire around each stick.
 I also bought the batting at the dollar store... of course it had the red and green glitter, which would not have worked, but I split the batting to reveal a pure white and fluffy 'snow'.
Not sure what my fascination is with all things miniature, but this little white townlette just feel magical to me ... oh and I got to use a lot of the course glass glitter I made last year at this time!!
And just as I am finishing up making my mini world all white and glittery, Mother Nature is doing the same thing outside my window ... "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas ..."  Do you think it can last?


  1. I know, there is just something so sweet about miniatures! What a nice little village - all white for Christmastime and the winter to follow!

  2. Walmart also has the $1 houses! The ones near me have a ton...so I will stock up the day after Christmas for half-price. I made my glitter village yesterday. I put it on a mirror with a lacy paper doily...but I like your "under glass" solution even better. I love miniature scenes...have you tried the "dollar store wineglass domes" yet?

  3. I am obviously not too bright...I never thought of painting those little houses and always just passed them by because of their colors. My light bulb doesn't seem to be burning too bright these days! LOL! Thanks for the idea Paula! xo

  4. I just wish I was the one with the original vision, I have done the exact same thing ... LOL ... go look on Pinterest, its so fun to see what people do with them.

  5. I, too, have a weakness for little things! Love your snowy white village with its sweet pickett fence!

  6. Brilliant! I redid my village this year. Painted it all white and glittered it up but didn't have a place for it. I DO have a glass lantern that I've left out, certain it could be used for . . . something--now I know what! Yours is SO pretty. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Oh, I love your little white town! I must try out this craft!

  8. kind of late to the game, but what type of white paint?

    1. I used dollar a can spray paint from Walmart