Friday, July 12, 2013

Flea.o.logy is Coming, Flea.o.logy is Coming!!

 Unbelievably, flea.o.logy is sneaking up on me again .... I love the  energy, the friendships, the goodies ... the home made twix bars, the sunshine, the fresh air ... oh and

... the dead line!  Nothing like a deadline to get one motivated.

Regular readers already saw the bench that Mr. P and I made from an antique bed.

 And there will be vintage goodies, and not so vintage goodies, like the set of 8 plates with a matching platter, darling, for just $20 .... whoa!

The blue chest has original old paint, and is charming, with a detachable lid, so no little fingers ever get smashed, like they can with a hinged lid.

And old Mr. Deer Weather vane, has made the transition to yard are, with a base from an antique birdcage to keep him steady.

This fun old tool box, is shown here with flowers, but will be for sale, ooh should I say it ... (naked!)

The sale is a week from tomorrow, on Saturday July 20th, here at the house in Payson .... I can't wait .... hoping to see some of you there!! (please introduce yourself ... I love meeting you!!)

For more information on flea.o.logy check out our blog, where we are having a contest for $50 in flea cash to be spent at the sale! Yahoo ... at this writing we have only 6 entries, so pretty good odds for you to hop over and give it a try!!


  1. Og, gosh, wish I lived closer... love the mounted deer!

  2. Okay...I'm going to come and introduce myself! I wonder if you'll know me?! (*_*)

  3. I was wondering about the white metal cupboard...Is that for sale? How much is it? Can I buy that from you today? I live in Payson and can come anytime! I don't want to risk someone else snatching it this Saturday. Would you mind emailing me?
    ...Please let me know either way :)