Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Banner Fun

 I have been making some changes in my bedroom lately, and realized that I have never had a pennant banner in there.  What?  How is that possible you say?

I know, that is just what I thought.

So I decided to go with a summer banner that made me think 'cool', 'as a cucumber'...  I love this old graphic of an vintage fan that I got off Graphics Fairy and have used before.
I used lots of fun vintage elements and the cool green to blue colors scheme, I love, so now my bedroom has that touch of whimsy that makes me smile.

BTW: I really had a hard time getting the light right for the pictures.  In reality, the filtered light that comes into the room all day is lovely.  In photos it is garish.  I used my camera for some pics, and my phone for others.  In all there were four sets of pictures, and none of them capture the beauty of the light in the room.

Alas, this picture taken after dark, seems to show the banner off best.

But I still love the look of my 'cool' banner across a day lit window in real life.  Thanks for coming along and listening to my picture taking woes!! Does any one have a solution?


  1. Love the banner. I did some color correction using my Kodak editing software on one of the photos and think I improved it some. I've subscribed by e-mail so will send it to you.