Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Artsy Crafty Granddaughter

 I had three of my grandchildren spend the weekend, while their parents got away for their 10th anniversary.

Eva, who is five, insisted that she needed to make her mom an anniversary necklace... well she knows I have tons of stock, she loves looking at it .... so that is what we did.

 She chose the color and the star theme, "My mom LOVES stars!" she said.

She was even able to slide the beads onto the wire for the multi element charms herself.

Here she is modeling it, about an hour before her mom and dad got here to pick up her and her siblings. 
Here she is with her brother and sister in my garden.  I am not sure whether or not her mom liked the necklace, but I know Eva will always remember making it for her, and so will I.  Can I just say I love that I have an artsy crafty granddaughter?!  Must be something that skips a generation or something, as my mother was not crafty, nor are my children!


  1. What a good grandma you are! I had five of Missy's six girls for a week while the rest of the family went on Trek and I was way too exhausted to do crafts! You are a role model to many!! =D

    1. Thanks Shirley, but I bet you have never met a six year old this insistent. I won't deny I adore her, but when she gets an idea in her head .... :-)