Monday, July 15, 2013

Junking Fun with Ann!

Yep, it was another junking day for me with my friend Ann.  It just doesn't get better than a day of digging with friends.  We headed north almost two hours to Hoytsville a charming community up in the mountains, to a sale called the Vintage Market, an occasional  sale held three times a year.  

Here are Ann and I out front of the old milking barn where the sale is held. Ann and I both substantially lighted our pockets and loaded my 12 seater van to the roof!

We had visited their sale in the spring and Ann had loved it, she said to be sure to let her know next time they were to have a sale.

It's especially fun for me because I get to see 'my cousin' Kathy. OK she is really my husband's cousin and I met her for the first time when I went to their sale last summer!  Isn't she a doll?  She has collected antique lace for years, and wore this 1920's flapper era brassiere just for fun!! I love it!

Headed south again, after stopping lunch, we drove past this cute shop on Main Street in Heber on our way home we had to stop.

The shop abounded in great painted goodies... But our pockets were empty and our van was full!!

Last of all we went to Picker's Paradise in Nephi.  Larry is a member of the Reclaimologists Group I belong to. Boy does he have the goodies.  A store and yard full to dig through, and yes, we found more goodies to squeeze into the van.

This is Larry showing off a radiator cap from a historic car that is worth $800.  Whoa!! It was kind of funny, because when Larry walked us out to the van and we were leaving and seeing the size of our junking mobile, he said "Oh come on, you girls have room to buy more!"  that's when I opened my window so he could look inside and see what the back tinted windows had hidden.  He started laughing and walked away ... "yep, that's pretty darn full!"  

What a great day .... Thanks Ann!


  1. I left a comment on the post below :) Please let me know.

  2. Great time, I have heard of this sale but it is way too far for me. They seemed to have a bounty of items. Glad you got a grea haul. Hope you share what you found.


  3. Looks like you girls had a great time. When's the next sale? I'd love to go. Also going to try to get down to fleaology this weekend. Mimi