Friday, December 13, 2013

12 Days till Christmas Activities

So here it is may have read about the retreat where I made this adorable 12 day advent calendar. 

I decided that it would be fun to use it for my Grandson who has a December birthday.  I put together a small gift or activity for each day from today, and wrapped them, then, as you may have noticed in the first picture, I put the daily cards on the gifts, and he can choose a gift, then put the attached card on the calendar starting on 12 for 12 days until Christmas so that when he opens the last of the twelve gifts and puts the card on the calendar clip he will know that the next day isnChristmas!

Here are a couple of the packages.... Above the dreidel game, with rules and m and m's, which is what we use when we play.

The marble game includes rules and even a string to make the ring to play inside.

Other packages included puzzles, games, a s'more kit, a hot chocolate kit, and money to take to the dollar store to buy gifts for his family.

I hope he has half as much fun with it as I had putting it together, then it would be worth all the work...

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