Thursday, December 5, 2013

Have a Retro Christmas!!

One of my favorite trees at the Festival of trees this year was this one.  It's called Retro Memories... Such a fun tree.

Note the cookies and milk for Santa are on 1950's ruby glass, the goblet is bubble pattern.

The toys are all retro remakes of old toys ... Isn't the Bozo the Clown Punching bag awesome?

The tree is a silver tinsel tree, and is just lovely .... Hope you like ithisnset up as much as I do ...

Have a Merry Retro Christmas and a Wacky New YEAR!!


  1. Awesome Paula! That is a cool tree and display. I am not going to the Festival this year, I just didn't feel like fighting the crowds...maybe next year!

  2. We went on Wednesday evening for that very reason .... I love it, and wouldn't miss it. Does that surprise you?