Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Christmas Tree In Woodland White

When I moved into my historic Victorian house 15 years ago, I put up a 9 foot Christmas tree in the 11 foot tall room, and began my antique ornament collection in earnest.  For fourteen years I have spent hours and hours unwrapping and hanging hundreds  and hundreds of figural, indented and hand painted vintage and antique ornaments.

As you can see this year I was ready for a change.

I am on the verge of redecorating my kitchen, which has been filled with bird cages, so I decided to utilize them all one last time before dragging them off to the antique mall.

Most of them were white already ... The rest converted. I filled them with mercury glass and other spherical ornaments.

Then filled the tree with second hand store and dollar store finds.

I found several of these medallions already made, as shown below,  and just had to add the. Great deer graphic that I found at  Graphics Fairy..

... And that is my tree for this year, Mr. P said he loved it because it went  up so fast ... I have to admit, I liked that part too!, 


  1. So very pretty! I would love to do an all white tree or all pink tree one year. But I get out voted by my men. =)


    1. Since my usual tree is heavy on pinks and burgandy, my guy actually liked this one better ... all that woodland stuff is kinda masculine, don' you think?

  2. That tree is my dream!!! Maybe someday when my children are older, I'll have a beautiful tree. Right now my tree is filled with preschool ornaments and colored lights ;) I guess it's beautiful...in it's own way ;) I am IN LOVE with those birds cages and have been trying to drudge up a little collection. Save them for the flea-o-logy this January (right?) and I will surely buy some!! You know me (kinda) I'm always there excited and I always seem to spend the most at your booth...hmm..wonder why? Oh! I know!! Your stuff always speaks to my heart :)

    1. Oh yes, excellent idea, definitely time to start gathering goodies for the January Flea.o.logy!

    2. Paula...I just LOVE your tree this year! It looks amazing! I did something different too...out with the pastel pinks on my tree and in with the hot pinks and silver. I am loving the change!

    3. Wow Paula,

      Your tree is so pulled together and yet just shines out love and care!

      You're inspiring me ;)