Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years Cannons to Resolutions

 We spent a quiet New Years Eve with lovely old friends this year .... a semi 'casual' dinner, with courses, starting with seafood bisque ....
 See how Terry is?  She always sets a lovely and creative table, mixing her Haviland Limoge, Crystal and Pier One finds .... I love her tables, they are always a bit of art ... oh and did I mention the Family Heirloom Tiffany Candlesticks? :-)

 Steve has his toys too, a real cannon ... and boy is it loud!  Above we see my Mr. P ready to shoot it off, and then Steve himself at the helm ... So you see, our quiet evening, watching a film festival award winner, named 'Sweet Land' and the first of BBC's 'Call the Midwife' .... did end with a bang!  Thanks Steve and Terry you guys have the best girl and boy toys ever!!
And just to finish off the post, I thought I would share my 'poster child' for my #oneword focus this year.  I have chosen the word 'gracious'.  I have always wished that characteristic came naturally to me, and now I am going to work on developing it.

The woman in the picture above is Ruby Olson Haight.  She and her husband David B. Haight, of the quorum of the 12 apostles in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to which I belong, both passed away in 2004.  I had the opportunity to meet Ruby on several occasions and always found her to be perfectly gracious.  Such a lovely woman, just seeing her picture, this one taken the year she was married, reminds me to slow down, and take care of those around me.  Thanks for you amazing example Ruby!

Best wishes to you all as you strive to be a better you in the coming year. 

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