Monday, December 2, 2013

Red and White Christmas Tree Decor

Yes, its decorating day at the Festival of Trees, Margaret ... And yes, there really are hundreds of beautiful trees worth hundreds of dollars each lovingly made and donated to Primary Children's Hospital for charity care.  Yes, Margaret, that means the money all goes to help sick children who need the help of good doctors, but whose families don't have enough money to pay for it.  Margaret, did you know that every single  dime raised by this wonderful charity auction goes to charity care, all administrative work is done by volunteers! So Margaret, don't you think that the PCMC's Festival of Trees makes the world a better place? Yes, so do I, that's  why this is my favorite charity.

Above is my favorite part of our red and white Christmas tree that will be on display at the South Town Expo Center from Wednesday through Saturday this week, it's a wonderland of holiday beauty, so worth supporting.  Our tree is number Q11 this year. 

This table was donated by another dealer at Treasures Antique Mall, where I work, Diane Brereton.  I thought its Danish Modern lines were perfect for our Scandinavian design to complete our theme, Grandma Inga Olena's Christmas. thanks Diane.

Lots of happy elves from the We Can service group I belong to, made for a record set up time, of less than 3 hours. Thanks girls!


  1. Love the! Ray Stevens is (still) alive and well, Margaret! =D

    1. You know Shirley, they have a wonderful vintage circus tree this year, it made me think of you, friend.