Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dear Lizzie is Always Delightful

Oh no, the lovely Christmas season is over ....  Of course my tree is still up, and it may take a few weeks for me to decide I am really ready to take it down ....
Thankfully I made nice memories again this year and have some pictures that I can come back to, to remind me of lovely times, places and people ....   Places like Dear Lizzie in Highland, a charming shop I have blogged about before.

Met a good friend there for lunch and a gift exchange too ... Dear Lizzie is the perfect spot, because it is halfway between her valley and mine .... And we both adore the place!!

I am sharing a few shots from our lunch date ....have I mentioned that they are also a bistro?  I had an amazing chicken pesto on a baguette, while Stacy had a yummy sweet spinach salad. 

This is there party nook!  How fun would that be? 

Yep that's me ....

And Stacy .... What a lovely and amazing girl's day out.  Thanks Laura, you do an amazing job.  Dear Lizzie never fails to take my breath away!!


  1. I really regret that I haven't been to Dear Lizzie this Christmas season. It is one of my favorite stores...especially if you're looking for something unique. Thanks for the least I can see what I missed out on. =D

  2. It was a great lunch date Paula! Thank you again for all of my lovely PINK gifts! I can't seem to stay away from the place...I went back today for my 30% off bounce back coupon! (*_*)