Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Walden Ladies' Book Club Luncheon 2013

The table is set for one of my favorite events of the Holiday season, our book club luncheon.

We were a rather small group this year, given illness, and conflicting commitments, but the eight of us had a lovely time, and just having eight places to set meant that I got to use my pearl handled silverware, which I love, and rarely get to use.  

It was especially nice, since, as you know, I have been in a White Christmas kind of mood this year.  Thenpearl handles went perfectly with my favorite Rose Point dishes I was introduced to by my sister Julie, years ago.

Yep, I still have my 'Give Thanks'  banner up, but then we can and should give thanks all year, right?

... And here are most of the ladies .  After lunch we gathered in the parlor to exchange favorite books, using the white elephant gift exchange rules.  Each of us brings a favorite read from  the year, and when it is opened we do a quick book review... We often choose books for the next year based on this activity. 

As always it was lovely to spend a snowy afternoon together.  We have been together as a book club, amazingly, for 15 years! Thanks girls!


  1. Your table is just beautiful. 15 years! A long time for a book club. Hope you're staying warm...Mimi

  2. Your table looks beautiful Paula! As usual, you've outdone yourself! xoxo