Friday, August 15, 2014

Booth Decorator Extraordinaire!

 I worked with Keith at the antique mall the other day, which got  me thinking ... I go to other antique malls and take pictures of great booths to share with you, but I haven't thought of sharing those of one of the finest decorators I know.

Keith started at the antique mall about a year after I did, which has been, amazingly, 15 years ago.  His talent showed from the very beginning, and I have learned much from him over the years.

So, you guessed it, you get to see Keith's booth today.  Some of you are shoppers at the mall, and I know that its a favorite stop for all our regulars!  His little rectangular self made tags, tied with a bow, is his trademark.
 I was surprised in checking out my photos, that I don't actually have a picture of us together ... weirdly, but here he is with Rosemarie, another Treasures dealer, helping to move a piece of furniture for another dealer, yes, he just nice like that.

This is one of the three booths that he has in the South store ... he has another half a dozen, smaller ones in the North store as well.

He has impeccable tastes, and often brings in goodies I just have to have!!

 He loves displaying smalls on lovely old ironstone platters, which I find charming...
... and unusual displays like the bird cage full of antique bottles is also very typical of our talented friend.  I am going to  go and take some pictures of his house in the next couple of weeks.  Its been a while since I have gone to oooh and ahhh, but this time you will get to see his wonderful talent as well!!  So stay tuned, it will be worth the wait, I promise!

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