Monday, August 11, 2014

Fleattitude for Junking Fun

 Saturday was a lucky day for me ... I got to go to Fleattitude, run by friends Jenn and Cathie.  What an awesome sale ... and the venue is hard to beat.  Its held at the historic rec center in Pleasant Grove ...

 Here are just a few peeks at all the fun that was to be had along with my flea.o.logy business partner Nell, as we strolled through the vast vintage goodness that is Fleattitude.

 There are some really great ideas for stacking in the vintage merchandise.

 Of course a lot of these great dealers will also come to Payson and sell at our biggest flea.o.logy of the year on August 30th.

 There was pretty much something for everyone ... and my money and I were soon parted, as I gathered up more and more goodies along my stroll.

 I thought these cameo cookies were to pretty to eat, but wouldn't they be charming stacked on the pink cake stand to the left?

 I fell in love with these arrows cut from old painted wood ...

 The man is a genius, his wife said he has stacks and stacks of old painted boards ... you can see him here with one of several tables he made from the reclaimed lumber ... he sold every single table he brought, not bad eh?

 I loved Vickie's display of hankies, I thought hanging them close like this, made them look like one of those rag banners that are becoming so popular ... such a charming idea!!

 ... and yes, I saved the best for last ... this is my friends from Two Pitts of a Pear, Brandon and Tonya ...

I loved the small chaise made from two chairs ... these people are upcycling geniuses.

 ... and after all, isn't that just what we all are? Junk junkies?  I confess, it definitely applies to my junk loving ways.  Thanks for coming along on this junking journey!


  1. Thanks for sharing Paula and yes, I did make it and even before noon this time! Sorry I missed you! xo

    1. And it was so close! Had a soccer game for my grand girlie, so I headed out a bit early. Fab show eh?

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