Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Upcycled Clown Stand - Trash to Treasure!

Its been a crazy week, but then the week before one of our flea.o.logy flea markets is always full of action. This week, besides painting lots of goodies for flea.o.logy, I have also been working on this guy.  We decided we wanted more color and pop in our flea.o.logy designs, and thought that some fun vintage circus would suit us just fine.  Besides, for some reason, people always think of a flea circus when they hear flea market ... so we decided to run with the circus connection.

My job was to make a mascot to stand by the entrance gate to flea.o.logy.  He's done, and I thought you might get some giggles just looking at him.

 He started our as an Operation Brain Surgery game, which I paired with an old floor lamp.
 Here he stands by the gate, with our flea.o.logy sign on top of the arch.
The floor lamp base is perfect, because its super heavy, and I will be able to hang things on our mascot!

Painting the stand was a lot of fun too ...
 I even used some old game pieces, checkers and scrabble, to spell out what its all about!!

If you are local, come on down to Payson (218 N. Main, from 8 to 4 on August 30th) on Saturday, it should be a lot of fun, just like always!


  1. I sure hope I can come this weekend...I have decided not to brave the Swiss Days craziness. I just LOVE the clown know me and circuses!!!

    1. Yes I do, and I always think of you when I see anything vintage circus!!