Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Steam Punk Fun at Vine Street

 I'm still loving my friend Marci's booth at Vine Street Antiques in Salt Lake City!!  She is so creative!  She and shop owner Rusty even did a few booths at Farm Chicks in Washington  the beginning of the summer.  I so wish I had planned things better so I could have gone!

Anyway, it was fun to see how she has changed things out, so I thought I would take a few pictures to share with you all!!
 Love the old film projector!

 Gears and keys are always a hit!
 I always love her historic robotic pictures!!  Where does she find these goodies, anyway.  
 Globes and crafted robotics of course!
 and lots of gages, and old photos too!
... and as always, the robots are my favorite.  Aren't the wrench arms just the best!!

Thanks Vine Street for always having such amazing dealers.  Its always a treat to visit your store!!

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  1. So much unique eye candy! Could spend hours browsing in that space. I want that white clock! Where in S.L. is this located? Would love to check it out.
    p.s. What's the date of fleaology again?