Friday, August 8, 2014

Type Tray and Grandkids Names

 Just thought I'd take a minute to share my type tray!!  I bought the tray from Keith at Treasures Antiques, the Antique Mall where I work ... and paid 'Gulp', full price, a rarity for me because I am a dealer and always know I can find an item later at a better price.  In this case, I had never seen a type tray like this one, with even square, and I loved it.

I took it home and tried it with my extensive cameo collection .... fail, so bad I didn't even snap a picture.

 Then I saw this tray with watch faces on Pinterest and gave it a try ...

I didn't really like it either ... so .... then ....

When I saw this on Instagram ... I thought ....

 ... hey, I have all those letters tiles for sale at Treasures, so maybe ...

 I that is how I decided to use the tray and the letters to do a little tribute to my 16 grandchildren ...
 ... and here it is!

I mounted it on the window on the landing of my staircase, and I love how the blue tiles tie it into the whole window scene.  What you don't see here, is that on the left is a photo gallery of ancestors on the wall going up to the landing and to the right is a photo gallery of my children and grand children going from the landing to the second floor. It seemed like the perfect spot!

I actually have 3 of my grandchildren staying for ten days while their parents are on vacation.  I don't do a lot of babysitting for my kids, but I did hear, recently, that grandparents who babysit are less likely to develop Alzheimer's Disease .... sounds good to me.


  1. We've started a new tradition for our Grandkids in Idaho...we have two at a time come to stay for a week in the summer. We go to the zoo and parades and Thanksgiving Point to the Curiosity Museum depending on their ages. We take the two kids that live nearby, so they can spend time with the cousins. So far so good until next summer. Cool way to use the tray...I've had one for years that I couldn't seem to make work in a way that pleased me. =D

    1. Kind if funny about your type tray and mine, eh? I have spent the whole week getting our Idaho grands together with our local grands. They love it!

  2. Love this idea! Where did you find the letters to spell out your grandchildren's names?

  3. I'm an antique dealer and have a crafting booth where I sell letters from various games for 25c each. I gather the games from yard sales and second hand stores.