Monday, August 25, 2014

Pakastani Quilts that will Amaze You!

 Mr. P and I get together with our friends Terry and Steve a couple of times a month, usually for a movie and/or dinner.  Sometimes we share dinner at one of our homes, or have movie torture at their home.  You see. they have high brow ideas about movies, and like the art variety.  We are mere initiates, but are happy to go along, and usually enjoy the off beat movies they like

This past weekend, however, we wanted to do something different, and went to the museum of art at our local college, BYU.
 This exhibit included quilts from the middle east.  The quilts are either pieced and/or appliqued tops with a solid back, and are heavily quilted.

Some designs, like this quilt, borrow the Hawaiian method of applique, as well as traditional American patterns, like these squares that are variations on a nine patch.

They are all made up of bold colors and strong graphic designs.

This one is called the thousand triangles.

The quilts in the exhibit are from a hundred years old, to some that were made in the last five years.  This two toned beauty is a recently made quilt.  It has stripes that are made by colored stitching.

 This exhibit shows how the beautiful quilts are used, and the exhibit tells that most of these beds are used outside ... looks like a bit of heaven.
 This quilt is unusual because it has print fabrics included in its construction.

Here my husband studies one of the quilts in this panoramic view of the display.  The quilts were lovely, and unexpected, and if you decide to go and see the exhibit, be sure to check out the movie costume exhibit upstairs.  The costumes are exquisite and the only thing lacking was the fact they didn't allow pictures.

Well, you know how I am about pictures, by now, right?  

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